The Putnam Difference: Why Our Customizable Rolling Ladders Are A Cut Above

May 7th 2024

Putnam Rolling Ladders have been the gold standard for more than a century. Let our rolling ladders make a statement in your home. Equally eye-catching in an office, any of our rolling ladders styles creates an instantly interesting atmosphere. Superior craftsmanship, custom details, and high-quality metal hardware set Putnam Rolling Ladders apart. We’re a cut above, and here’s why.


1. Exceptional Materials & Various Styles

Wood rolling ladders are the originals, and the ones most people envision when they picture a sliding ladder. We have three styles of wood rolling ladders, the popular Quiet Glide and Meadow Lane models, as well as our Classic No. 1, the rolling ladder that’s been an American icon since 1905.

Each of these designs starts with fine wood species, including red oak, maple, mahogany, birch, ash, walnut, hickory, and more. Choice woods make the foundation for a sturdy, handsome ladder that’s built to last.

More recently, homeowners have embraced sleeker, more minimalist interiors, and metal rolling ladders suited the look of these spaces better than wood. Our ALTA line features the best of both worlds, with industrial-grade aluminum comprising the frame and high-quality wood species for the steps.

Flip through our lookbook to see how people are using our rolling library ladders in their homes. You’ll find plenty of inspiration for the many traditional and unique ways our ladders can maximize and artfully elevate your space. We even have an Amish, handcrafted fixed log ladder, too, for anyone who wants a stationary ladder in a classic, rustic style.

2. Custom Built To Your Specifications

Your rolling ladder needs to be unique to your space, which means you need options for your wood species, your hardware finish, your length, height, and wheel styles. We give you control of your ladder design with our Putnam Rolling Ladders configuration tool. We developed this tool so you can build your ladder in real time and see exactly what it will look like.

You choose the wood, the hardware, the size specs, the wheel well design, and roller type from our available options. The rolling ladder for your home is distinctly you.

3. Superior Craftsmanship

We don’t want you to just like your rolling library ladder, we want you to be thrilled to show it off to friends and family. The Putnam name means you’re getting a tradition of excellence worthy of your home. If you choose a curved track system for your Classic No. 1, that track will be hand manufactured on the exact machines we’ve been using for a century. If you want time-honored American craftsmanship, you’ll get it with Putnam Rolling Ladders. In our ALTA line of metal ladders, each component is precision engineered and anodized. And the Quiet Glide is specifically designed and constructed for noiseless operation. Whatever you choose with us, you’re getting the best of the best.

4. High-Quality Metal Hardware in Multiple Finishes

Quality runs right down to the details, and you’ll notice our rolling ladders are assembled with superior metal hardware in finishes that offer elegance and sophistication. Choose from black, polished nickel or chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, both polished and antiqued brass, as well as satin nickel. The rolling library ladder hardware you get with us upholds our standards of excellence so you get a durable craftsman-quality product from top to bottom.

5. Friendly & Helpful Customer Support Every Step of the Way

We pride ourselves on our commitment to superior customer service and satisfaction. A rolling ladder is an investment in the uniqueness of your home and lifestyle. We understand that having a knowledgeable team of experts on your side is an important part of any customer experience, especially when you’re purchasing a bespoke statement piece for your home.

Our dedicated team of Ladder Specialists is available Monday through Friday 8am-4:30pm CST to answer your questions and give you more information about our products or help you choose your ladder. Our Talk To An Expert scheduling tool lets you book a private consultation that best suits your schedule. You can always send us an email at or call 262-375-7960 (we’re available 8am-4:30pm CST). We’ll walk you through the whole process or just be here when you need us.

Enjoy browsing through our rolling library ladder looks and playing around with our design tool. We look forward to hearing from you when you’re ready to order your new Putnam custom rolling ladder. You deserve the best, and we’re here to help.