Using Sliding Ladders in Your Bar or Brewery

Mar 6th 2024

Rolling ladders add value to your bar or brewery with cool style, efficiency, and offer more security than step stools or folding ladders. Taprooms, bars, and brewpubs across the country have started incorporating sliding ladders to their spaces because they’re such a practical choice that adds unexpected flair. Whether you have an upscale, ultramodern wine bar or a no-frills, homey brewery making small batch craft beer, Putnam Rolling Ladder has the right sliding ladder for you. Our rolling ladders come in various styles, finishes, and with customization options so you can get the right size, width, and hardware to fit your space. We offer vintage and contemporary wooden rolling ladders as well as sleek, minimalist industrial-grade aluminum ones. 


The Benefits of Using Rolling Ladders in a Bar or Brewery

Bars and breweries have plenty of high shelves, many of which are in plain sight of customers. Having a rolling ladder system gives your brewmasters, bartenders, and bar backs a cool method for checking gauges, retrieving top shelf liquors, or reaching storage shelves. No matter the style, any rolling ladder adds charm to a space, and it gives your bar or brewery the “something different” allure to attract patrons. Rolling ladders are also a safer choice than folding ladders or step stools because they feature locking and braking systems. One of the greatest benefits to Putnam Rolling Ladders is that each style includes the ability to lock into a stored or climbing position, so it doesn’t take up space or cause a dangerous tripping hazard when not in use.

Rolling ladders, in addition to their cool factor, lend practicality and efficiency to bars and breweries, which often need to maximize space. A rolling ladder can transform a regular wall into a shelving rack, perfect for displaying products, stocking reserves, or holding merch, ingredients, or themed décor. If you give tours of your brewery, a rolling ladder system is a nifty way for the brewmaster to get from vat to vat or make the most use of tasting room or stockroom space.

The Alchemist, a brewery in Vermont, has a large rolling ladder in its tasting room, which allows staff to quickly and easily access different types of beer. In New York City, you’ll find a tall rolling ladder in the main room of The Dead Rabbit Grocery & Grog, which lets the staff access the bar’s wide variety of whiskeys, beers, and other spirits as patrons look on.

How to Choose the Right Rolling Ladder for Your Bar or Brewery

Industrial and rustic styles have dominated brewery and bar design over the last few years, and the perfect complement to these aesthetics is either a metal rolling ladder like our sleek ALTA industrial-grade aluminum ladder or a traditional wooden Quiet Glide rolling ladder. The Quiet Glide style comes with several hardware finishes and choices of wood, making it a versatile option that can work in either a rustic or industrial space. Pair walnut and chrome for an industrial look or go with cherry and oil-rubbed bronze for your rustic or natural vibe. With our ALTA metal rolling ladder, choose from matte black, silver, and titanium gray then add your preferred wood species steps for the ultimate mix of industrial minimalism with a touch of natural charm.

For vintage or retro spaces, a time-honored Putnam Classic No. 1 makes the perfect statement. Designed in 1905 and still made to those turn-of-the-century specifications, this handsome and sturdy classic rolling ladder is ideal for any bar or brewery that wants both sophistication and understated elegance. If you’re looking for a reliable, attractive, yet cost effective rolling ladder that conforms to almost any interior design theme, shop your options in our Meadow Lane rolling ladder series. Red oak and maple wood species plus four hardware finishes give you plenty of options to match your rolling ladder to everything from a cozy beach bar to an upscale urban cocktail lounge.


Buying from Putnam Rolling Ladder

We offer exceptional products and outstanding customer service, so if you’re considering a rolling ladder for your bar or brewery, let us help. We can talk you through the different rolling ladder options we offer, and assist you in the purchase. Schedule a live support phone call on our Talk to an Expert scheduling tool or reach us online via our contact form. We’ll be happy to talk with you about your bar or brewery’s rolling ladder.