Rolling Library Ladders Stay On Trend for Interior Design

Feb 20th 2024

Rolling library ladders continue to trend in interior design, and Putnam Rolling Ladders offers the best selection of quality rolling library ladders for your home or business. Called “library” ladders because of their original purpose to help librarians reach the upper levels of bookcases, these multi-purpose sliding ladders work well in living rooms, kitchens, wine cellars, basement rooms, man caves, and she sheds. Depending on the amount of space in your home, you could conceivably install a library ladder just about anywhere.

Contractors as well as DIY homeowners love our rolling library ladder kits and hardware. They’re easy to install, and we offer a variety of custom options. Best of all, our sliding ladders are manufactured in the USA, making them an attractive purchase for anyone looking to support American production. Our modern-style Quiet Glide rolling ladders feature advanced technology that ensures a smooth ride however you need to use it. We had this sliding ladder on display at the International Builders’ Show and created a video to show the ladder in action.

Houzz created a post about the possibilities for library ladders in some unique configurations. Check out the photo below of a Putnam Rolling Ladder in a gorgeously designed mudroom.

We recently stopped by the new Goorin Brothers store in Las Vegas to see our rolling ladders on display – and in use! Our classic sliding ladders look great with the sophisticated vibe of this hat retailer.


Rolling library ladders can slide through your home on hardwood and other types of flooring. These ladders can be stored easily, flat against the wall, and then brought out to a climbing position when needed. That way you won’t be inconvenienced, or worse yet, tripped by the ladder. 

Browse our full selection of rolling ladders for details on our wood library ladders, historic Putnam rolling ladders, sleek metal rolling ladders, or handcrafted log ladders. If you have questions about our rolling library ladders and their component pieces, contact our Customer Service department to speak with a Ladder Representative.