Space-Saving Solutions for Small Homes: Maximize Storage with Rolling Library Ladders

Apr 17th 2024

Our rolling ladders are a great space-saving solution for small homes and tiny houses. Maximize your storage space with a Putnam rolling ladder from our collection. The upper hardware on each ladder allows it to be pushed back into a “stowed” position against the wall when not in use. So, our rolling ladders allow you to utilize all your wall and loft space without sacrificing precious inches.

Rolling Ladder for a Loft Bedroom

If your small house or tiny home includes a loft bedroom space, consider the perks of a rolling ladder for access instead of spiral stairs or a fixed ladder:

  • Mounted on a stylish track in the hardware finish of your choice, our rolling ladders dovetail into your interior design.
  • You can easily move a rolling ladder out of the way and shift it into its stowed position flush against the wall when you don’t need it.
  • Our rolling ladders don’t eat up the extra space needed for a spiral staircase or fixed ladder.
  • An open bedroom loft with rolling ladder access means you don’t have a fixed entry point, giving you more flexibility to optimize the available space. Think about the efficiency of recessed bookshelves under the loft space—a rolling ladder here is both a library bookcase ladder and your bedroom “stairs”!

Sliding Ladder for Bookcases

The most prevalent depiction of rolling ladders comes from movies and television, where a rolling library ladder slides along bookshelves lining a spacious room in a mansion or university. In reality, you don’t need a spacious room or an actual library. But, if you have floor-to-ceiling bookcases in your small space, a sliding ladder makes for a savvy space-saving solution. Our Quiet Glide ladder even comes with a ceiling mount option to save coveted wall space.

Here are some benefits of a sliding ladder for your bookcases:

  • Securely access every shelf higher than your natural reach.
  • No more lugging a traditional folding ladder to and fro to reach books or other items stored on the shelves.
  • When you’re not using it, a Putnam rolling ladder stores flush against the wall. No tripping hazard, no fixed ladder eating up valuable space.
  • Dusting the top of the bookcases is a breeze.

Rolling Ladder to Maximize Wall Space

Rolling ladders aren’t just for wall-mounted or recessed bookcases. They’re quite efficient at maximizing wall space for any type of shelving, especially if you need to create more storage space in a smaller home or tiny house.

Maybe you don’t need floor-to-ceiling shelves, but you want to run one (or two) long horizontal shelves high on a wall for storage tubs or cubbies. A rolling ladder lets you reach these storage containers with elegance and ease, plus it adds a sophisticated design element to the room. Look at our ALTA metal rolling ladder for extra clean lines or our sturdy wood Putnam Classic No. 1 for traditional appeal. The Classic No. 1 also comes with vertical and horizontal wall mount hardware options so you can streamline the look of the track with your room.

Contact Us About Your Space-Saving Rolling Ladder

If you know you want a rolling ladder to maximize space in your home, but you’re not sure which one will look the best, start by using our handy style quiz or browsing our lookbook. Or, play around with our ladder design tool to visualize how your rolling ladder will look in real time. We’re also happy to talk with you in person about your ideas or to give you more information about our rolling ladders. Either book a call through our Talk To An Expert scheduling tool, or call us directly at 800-882-0009, 8am-4:30pm CST. We look forward to hearing from you!