Putnam Rolling Ladders DIY Design Tool

Apr 2nd 2024

Putnam Rolling Ladders features a new design tool that lets you visualize the wood species and hardware finishes for our rolling ladders or log ladder directly on our website. Pick, change your mind, choose again: Our brand new configurator tool makes getting the exact ladder you want a breeze. Just click around, mixing and matching choices until you get the combination of wood species, hardware finish, a wheel style that will look perfect in your space. Our DIY ladder design tool tallies your picks, giving you an estimate of your custom Putnam Rolling Ladder in real time—we’ve put everything right at your fingertips!

Find Your Perfect Putnam Rolling Ladder

For more than a century, Putnam Rolling Ladders has been the best name in high-quality, handcrafted, American-made rolling ladders. Our ladders have graced Presidential and university libraries, iconic American businesses, and bespoke boutiques around the country. In recent years, we’ve expanded to make our innovative, sophisticated rolling ladders available for use at home.

If you want a reliable rolling ladder for your kitchen, den, library, or at-home bar, we have the best options in our collections. But, trying to imagine exactly how a rolling ladder and track will look in the space is a challenge. Our design tool makes it easy to see precisely what you have in mind, and whether or not it’s what you want for your room.

  • Not sure which ladder is right for you? Start with our style quiz!
  • Choose from Putnam's iconic styles: Browse the sleek elegance of the ALTA metal ladder, the smooth operation of the Quiet Glide, the universal charm of the Meadow Lane, or the handcrafted heritage of the Amish-built log ladder. Of course, there’s always our vintage masterpiece, the Classic No. 1.
  • Select your ideal wood: From the warmth of maple to the richness of mahogany, personalize the look and feel of your ladder to complement your existing décor. Our ladder design tool shows you exactly which woods are available for the style you want.
  • Explore a variety of hardware finishes: Each ladder line comes with several hardware finish choices. Use the tool to see if matte black or chrome, gold or hammered bronze creates the look you want. The tool only gives you the hardware options that are available for that style, so you’ll never get confused about your choices.
  • Pick your perfect wheels: Whether you prefer the sleek style of contemporary casters or the classic appeal of embossed or cut-out wheels, the design tool lets you see how each option transforms the overall look of your rolling ladder.

Rolling Ladder Design Done Right

We built this ladder design tool, specifically to give you the best user experience possible when you’re choosing your custom Putnam Rolling Ladder. It goes beyond offering a simple selection process, allowing you to visualize your rolling or log ladder in real time, with a transparent price estimate. As you make your choices, a high-resolution image of your ladder updates dynamically, so you can see the perfect combination of style, wood, finish, and wheels come together before your eyes.

We understand that a rolling ladder in your home or business is an investment piece, and we want to ensure you're completely confident in your selection. This design tool eliminates guesswork by allowing you to see your dream ladder come to life before you buy.

Ready to Design Your Perfect Putnam Ladder?

Explore our ladder design tool today, even if you’re just browsing or window shopping. With its friendly interface and beautiful graphics, this visualizer makes rolling ladder design a lot more fun than it's ever been before. Don't settle for anything less than perfection when it comes to your custom rolling ladder—start designing your masterpiece now.