​Installing a Rolling Library Ladder in Your Kitchen

Feb 20th 2024

Make the most of your kitchen, pantry, or mudroom space with a rolling library ladder. Rolling ladders allow floor-to-ceiling access and add design flair. Putnam Rolling Ladders offers a complete line of rolling ladders, from traditional American wood ladders to sleek, modern European metal. We have options to complement any décor and open your kitchen, pantry, or mudroom to more storage potential.

Rolling Library Ladder in the Kitchen

In kitchen designs, upper wall space is often overlooked primarily because it’s too hard to access cabinets and shelves at that level. A rolling ladder in your kitchen solves the problem, adding valuable storage space and a cool feature that’s much more sophisticated and convenient than a step stool or folding ladder.

Installing a rolling library ladder in your kitchen is a relatively straightforward process. You’ll need to measure where you want the rail, then order the appropriate ladder height and the hardware you want. We offer a variety of options, from complete DIY kits in our modern ALTA metal rolling ladders, Quiet Glide line, and Meadow Lane ladders to our custom-built Putnam traditional American rolling ladders.

You’ll find several choices for hardware finishes, including chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, hammered brass, satin nickel, black, and more. We offer wheel well styles and rollers to suit your kitchen’s aesthetic, so you can customize your rolling ladder to fit your home. Once your rolling ladder is installed in your kitchen, you can store cookware, china, dry goods, or canned goods in ceiling-high cabinets or open shelving.

Sliding Ladder in the Pantry

While pantries, unlike kitchens, tend to include shelves that extend as high as possible, the area is often underutilized because it’s hard to reach. Unfolding a step stool or utility ladder every time you need something from the upper shelves isn’t practical or convenient, but a sliding ladder in the pantry is both. A rolling library ladder in the pantry allows you to use all the available space or renovate upper wall space by installing handy storage cabinets that you can access with the sliding ladder.

Rolling Library Ladder in a Mudroom

For a long time, mudrooms—dedicated spaces near an oft-used door to leave muddy boots or shoes—were overlooked as a part of interior design and considered more of a utilitarian space. Today, mudrooms can be as functional or fanciful as you want them to be, and a rolling ladder in a mudroom is a fantastic way to glean more function while adding a fanciful décor detail. With a standard 8-foot ceiling height, a mudroom becomes a blank slate for decorative or minimalist storage cabinets, boot and shoe cubbies, or floor-to-ceiling shelving. A rolling ladder glides you effortlessly along a rail that allows you to reach the highest bins, containers, shelves, or cabinets. A sliding ladder is a smart choice for any mudroom that can accommodate one.

Connect with one of our friendly Ladder Specialists to learn more about installing a rolling ladder in your kitchen, pantry, or mudroom. We offer live customer support: All you have to do is schedule your phone call on our Talk to an Expert scheduling tool. You can also reach us online via our contact form.