Ideas for Rolling Library Ladders

Feb 20th 2024

One way to add beauty and functionality to your home is to install a rolling ladder. These ladders on wheels help you easily reach things on tall shelves or in high areas, and they have the added bonus of charm and classic style. They can be installed in almost any room in your home and customized to your liking. You can easily assemble your own traditional wood or contemporary metal rolling ladder with a kit from Putnam Rolling Ladders. We also have custom made wood ladders in rolling or stationary styles, and all of our ladders feature customizable options in hardware, wheel styles, and finishes. Below are some popular options for home rolling ladders.

rolling library ladder(source)

Use a Meadow Lane affordable ladder in your closet to reach items stored at high levels. Closets are usually small, so proper storage and organization is key. Seasonal or less-used items stored in higher places are best accessed with the boost of a ladder.

wooden library ladder(source)

It is called a rolling library ladder after all, so why not use it in that room? If you have a large library in your home, a Quiet Glide or Classic No. 1 rolling ladder provides easy access to each and every book. In addition to functionality, sliding ladders add an elegant touch to your library that guests will enjoy.

kitchen ladder(source)

Installing a rolling library ladder in your kitchen is a great way to reach pots, pans, and food storage containers. Whether you install it in the main spot of your kitchen or inside your pantry, you can access items on the highest shelves with ease.

wine cellar ladder(source)

Reach high bottles in your home wine cellar safely and easily with the help of a rolling ladder. Opt for an elegant and luxurious wooden rolling ladder. Or, if you have a modern or minimalist design, choose our ALTA metal rolling ladder.

loft ladder


If you have a loft in your home, a library ladder is a must. Whether the loft is for storage, hides a bed, or is a space for children to play, the ladder allows them to easily access the upper space. Our new Amish pine log ladders are stationary, which make them perfect for lofts.

bathroom ladder


A cool but unexpected place to use a rolling library ladder is in your bathroom. You can store linens and toiletries for guests in the higher cabinets and easily reach them when the occasion approaches. A sliding ladder also doubles as a unique towel rack. Look at our Quiet Glide and Meadow Lane rolling ladders for bathroom applications.

rolling library ladder


Instead of your typical wood finish library ladder, why not add a pop of color to your home? Paint your wooden rolling ladder a bold color for visual interest or as a style statement that instantly brightens up your room. For more inspiration, continue to check out our blog for new posts covering interesting ways to use your rolling library ladder.