Wood Rolling Ladder or Metal Rolling Ladder: How to Choose

Feb 20th 2024

Installing a rolling ladder in your home or business is a fantastic idea. Here are some tips to decide between a wooden or metal rolling ladder. Putnam Rolling Ladders offers a complete line of rolling ladders in various styles, finishes, and with customization options. If you’re trying to pick a wooden ladder or premium aluminum sliding ladder, know that whichever one you purchase from us will be constructed to the highest quality standards.

Best Spaces for Wood Rolling Ladders

The original rolling bookcase ladders from Victorian Europe were made of solid wood and carved with intricate, ornate designs typical of the era. As the usefulness of a rolling ladder caught on in homes and spaces other than libraries, wood continued to be the material of choice. Today, wooden rolling ladders add a storybook charm to homes and businesses, whether you’re shopping for a kitchen, nook, loft, wine cellar, or basement space. Wood rolling ladders suit rustic or farmhouse spaces as well as homes with coastal or tropical vibes. Darker stains, woods, and hardware complement more serious or moody décor, while white, light-colored woods, and brighter hardware fit into beachy or airy rooms.

If you have a vintage or retro space, choose a traditional Putnam Classic No. 1, the quintessential turn-of-the-century Americana rolling ladder. Used historically in fine clothing stores, dry goods mercantiles, and general stores, the Putnam wooden sliding ladder is an absolute classic, and its design remains unchanged since 1905.

In more contemporary American homes, our Meadow Lane rolling ladder or Quiet Glide ladder suits walk-in closets as well as kitchens, craft rooms, and wine cellars. Either of these rolling ladder lines offer customizable hardware, and you have options to purchase a Meadow Lane kit to assemble yourself or a completely finished Quiet Glide ladder that’s ready to install. All of our rolling wooden ladders make the perfect choice for mudrooms and workshops and can be put into a stored position against the wall or pulled out for climbing.

Perhaps you’re browsing for a hunting lodge, cabin, or lake home and prefer the look of a fixed rustic log ladder. You’ll find handcrafted Amish pine log ladders at Putnam Rolling Ladders that offer the look and quality you want. Like our rolling ladders, our stationary log ladders can be locked into a stored position or pulled out for climbing. Whether you need a bunk bed ladder, a log ladder for a loft, or a cool method for getting down to the basement and up again, our custom log ladders fit the bill.

Best Spaces for Metal Rolling Ladders

In the last few decades, industrial, Scandinavian, and minimalist design trends have grown in popularity for homes and businesses. While black or dark wooden rolling ladders could potentially fit in these décor themes, we suggest a modern ALTA metal rolling ladder. Sleek and engineered from premium-grade aluminum, these metal sliding ladders are streamlined and exceptionally durable. They look flawless in modern, Scandinavian-style kitchens, dressing rooms, or living spaces. ALTA rolling ladders suit boutique, minimalist spaces as well as contemporary residences. The ultra-efficient design fits with any mid-century modern décor that relies on clean lines and artful negative space.

Home Rolling and Sliding Ladders Make a Great Choice

As you’re weighing your ladder options and choosing which one you want to best fit your space and application, connect with one of our friendly experts to learn more about what you get when you purchase a rolling ladder or handcrafted log ladder from Putnam Rolling Ladders. We offer live customer support: All you have to do is schedule your phone call on our Talk to an Expert scheduling tool. You can also reach us online via our contact form.