Add Style and Function to your Rolling Ladder with Handrails

Mar 6th 2024

Rolling library ladders make a practical, interesting feature in your home, and including handrails increases stability while adding peace of mind. Putnam Rolling Ladder offers a complete line of rolling ladders, but if you’re looking for optional handrail add-ons, browse our Quiet Glide rolling ladders.


Rolling Ladder in my Home

Rolling ladders from Putnam Rolling Ladder are sturdy and designed with braking features and durable materials. Each one includes a stow mechanism to set it flush with the wall when not in use, removing the tripping hazard. Whether you’re shopping for a sleek, modern ALTA metal rolling ladder or a budget-friendly, wooden Meadow Lane sliding ladder, you’ll get a reliable rolling library ladder for your home or business.

For customers who want added stability, handrails make a fantastic addition to your rolling ladder. Our Quiet Glide offers handrail options, in two styles. With our Quiet Glide rolling ladder, you can choose the version with integrated handrails that come already attached. The handrails fit the Quiet Glide contemporary style, so they dovetail seamlessly with the aesthetic, creating a smooth look. 

How Can I Make My Ladder More Secure?

Properly installed, your rolling ladder from Putnam Rolling Ladder will be sturdy and secure. If you’re unsure about installing it yourself, hire a professional handyman to do it for you. Always engage the braking system once you’ve rolled the ladder to where you want it, and place it in the “stowed” position against the wall when not in use.

For anyone who plans to move items up and down the ladder (for instance: retrieving products, clothing, or often-used home goods), handrails make your ladder more secure. Adding handrails also increases stability for users, making your rolling ladder more secure for anyone with limited mobility, coordination issues, or an unease with steps or heights. Step treads make for a good additional security feature to your rolling ladder as well, giving you extra traction as you climb up and down.