​The Best Loft Ladder

Feb 20th 2024

The best loft ladders are sturdy, reliable, easy to use, and fit seamlessly into your home décor. Find the perfect loft ladder at Putnam Rolling Ladders. Our line of rolling ladders includes excellent options for loft ladders, and we have something for every interior design theme and budget.

Which Loft Ladders Are the Best?

For safe, sturdy loft ladders you can assemble yourself or order already assembled, Putnam Rolling Ladders offers the best choices. Our rolling library ladders include locking brake systems, so they work as loft ladders. For home or business owners whose loft is over a doorway, hallway, or wall shelves, a rolling ladder is the perfect solution. Lock the ladder in place when you need to access the loft, then move it when you’re using the doorway, hall, or accessing the shelves.

Customers who want added safety have the option of adding handrails to make climbing up and down from your loft easier. Handrails give you peace of mind, and both our Quiet Glide and traditional Putnam ladders offer handrail options.

If you have a loft in a minimalist, nature-themed space, or loft in a hunting lodge, sports/outdoors equipment store, or mountain setting, look at our stationary log ladders as the best loft ladder for you. Of course, these handmade ladders come in a variety of finishes, so they can match any décor that goes with a classic log ladder profile.

Is a Metal or Wooden Loft Ladder Better?

Neither a metal loft ladder nor wooden one is better in terms of quality when you buy from Putnam Rolling Ladders. However, having a loft ladder that conforms to your home or business design aesthetic is important. For some homes, a metal loft ladder is better. For others, wood fits the space and metal doesn’t.

Sleek, modern interiors look better with an ALTA metal loft ladder, since our ALTA line specifically uses a minimalist construction and premium grade aluminum in a variety of finishes. These metal ladders suit spaces with industrial-style décor as well as contemporary coastal and Scandinavian design concepts.

For traditional American homes from mid-century modern architecture or later, any of our rolling wood library ladders make excellent loft ladders. The Quiet Glide sliding ladder is a popular choice, as is our budget-friendly Meadow Lane. If you have a historic home or home with a vintage vibe, look to the gold standard of traditional American rolling ladders, the Classic No. 1. This beautifully crafted ladder retains its 1905 design, and makes a wonderful choice for a loft.

What Is the Easiest Loft Ladder To Use?

Every loft ladder at Putnam Rolling Ladders is easy to use, and each one has specific features that make them attractive for ease-of-use. Our log ladders' rounded sides and steps offer thickness for grip and balance, making them the easiest to use for customers who want that feature. For some people, the “top bent” option for lofts, which is when the ladder extends another foot or so at the top, is the easiest because it gives you something to hold onto as you climb into and out of the loft. We have a top bent option for our Putnam ladder. The Quiet Glide loft ladder includes handrail and stair tread additions, making them the easiest to use in terms of extra safety features, but for a sturdy, easy-to-use basic loft ladder, our Meadow Lane fits the bill.

Are Loft Ladders Worth It?

If you’re considering whether loft ladders are worth it or if you can get by with a standard wooden straight ladder or step ladder, we strongly recommend investing in a real loft ladder. These ladders are designed for daily use inside a home, and are worth it for the safety features alone. Since ours are mounted on rails and include premium braking systems, they are sturdy and secure. Our log ladder comes with durable metal brackets designed for secure installation as well.

As you’re considering which ladder to purchase for your loft, We offer live customer support: All you have to do is schedule your phone call on our Talk to an Expert scheduling tool. You can also reach us online via our contact form.